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About Simone Song Properties

The Simone Song Properties office is located at 241 Cabrini Boulevard at W. 187th Street, in the heart of Hudson Heights, less than a five minute walk from any of the main residential apartment buildings, including Castle Village, 45 Overlook Terrace, and Hudson View Gardens.

Simone Song opened her real estate office in 1986, choosing to concentrate on coop and condo apartment sales in Northern Manhattan, Hudson Heights, Washington Heights and Inwood. The office doors access both Cabrini Blvd. and Pinehurst Avenue, two of the most desirable residential streets in the neighborhood. The sales staff consists of Hudson Heights residents who are extremely knowledgeable about the area.

We at Simone Song Properties believe purchasing an apartment is a collaborative effort amongst buyer, seller and broker. Listening to your needs and concerns, then offering sound, suitable advice is the simple, yet successful strategy we’ve employed since our inception.

If you'll contact us, we can start right now!

Simone Song Properties Licensed Real Estate Broker since 1985

241 Cabrini Blvd., New York, NY 10033   212-928-5100

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